New socks are the best socks

finished Cirque Socks

So I got my Cirque Socks done* and my feet are happy and warm. Which makes me happy. And warm.




Actually that is a massive understatement. The only thing better than handknit socks on my feet is a brand new pair of handknit socks on my feet. They feel just wonderful. Its a quiet kind of wonderful, like the relaxing of an overworked muscle or something. Ahhhhhhhh….

So I’m all blissed out on my new socks. The yarn I used, which is Stroll Fingering btw, is a great sock yarn. Its bouncy and springy and soft to the touch. I’m sure that is contributing to the bliss. But mostly its that new sock feeling on my toes. I’ve been wriggling my toes and feeling happy ever since I slipped these babies on my feet.

They do have this cute cabled heel flap. I like it but It might not hold up well to the wear and tear of being inside a pair of cowgirl boots. That is okay.

I decided these are going to be my sit around the house and knit socks.

* I actually finished these socks two days ago. That’s when these pictures were taken. But the digital universe has been keeping me from gloating about my awesome socks. First my intent was out. Google Fiber, which I’ve griped about before, was not working. When I first called the gripe-to-Google-about-their-crappy-internet number, I was told they were doing maintenance and my service “would be up soon”. Twelve hours later my internet was still out. When I called the gripe-to-Google-about-their-non-existent-internet number, the tech spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong and then told me to “go get a new computer”. Then I started yelling… and then a boss came on the line… and then I got my internet back.

Except when I logged into my site I found that, well, I couldn’t log in to my site. The posts were up and we could all see but I couldn’t get in to my account and make new posts, or answer comments, or any of that other stuff I fart around with. It seems that while Google had been busy breaking my internet, WordPress (which is the blogging software I use) had updated itself. And now it was broke. I had to fix it through the backend by modifying lines of code and uploading files through my FTP server and I don’t even know what my FTP server is. So that took awhile.

All of which is to say that I’m much better at knitting than I am at this computer stuff. And my socks have been done for days. In fact I’ve worn then, washed them, and am now wearing them again. Also, I’m making good progress on my big, blue, bridal shawl while keeping a wary eye on my computer/internet/Wordpress. If any of that stuff breaks again I may hunt down a computer geek, kidnap him/her, and make them prisoner in my home.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Your so funny Jenn. Hope you show us your wedding shawl once it’s complete. I can understand how you feel when your computer gets a glitch. I too am technologically challenged. Anyway, glad everything is up and running again. Have a nice evening.


Maybe offer to teach a computer geek how to knit socks!


Happiness is indeed a new, warm pair of socks!


Or make socks for the computer geek. Luckily you have caffeine, I understand it takes athe caffeine of one cup of coffee to write 9 lines of code.


Jenn, I feel your frustration with your internet problems – I am technochallenged. But your socks look lovely!!!