On Valentine’s Day

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On Valentine’s Day, I got yarn. It wasn’t a surprise because I got it for myself. But I did get exactly what I wanted and that’s always nice.

FYI, I’m an affiliate for Knit Picks. I’m an affiliate for other companies too, but Knit Picks is pretty much the only one that I push. That’s because its pretty much the only online company that gets my money. I buy from them and I feel very comfortable recommending their stuff to my readers. Which I do. Often. So why shouldn’t they pay me a commissions for stuff ya’ll buy because of me? And in any case, most of what they pay me in commissions I use to buy more stuff from Knit Picks. It all works out. 

I trust the people from Knit Picks. The Feline Overlord does not. Thus there a mandatory safety inspection open receipt of new stuff.

We got the all clear signal from Her Overlord-ness. We can proceed.

In all honesty what I went online to order was a nice long cord to go with the needle set I got for Christmas. (I’d show you a pic of the needle set but I’m currently using tips from that set in at least four different projects. Yeah, I really do like that set. So here is a link instead.)

Turns out the cord was only $1.99. Huh. It seemed cruel to pester Knit Picks to make up an order for me for just $1.99.

So I looked around for something to add to my order. Just being a good person, ya know?

It wasn’t hard to find more stuff to order.


That Galileo yarn has interested me for a while. Its a sport weight, 50% merino and 50% bamboo. Its $4.99 for 131 yards (in 50g balls). And its shiny. I like shiny.

Turns out its also very, very soft to the touch. This is definitely an against-the-skin kind of yarn. I’m trying out the Firefly, Lunar, and Comfrey colorways. I’ll be sure to let you know how it works up.

I can, however, already confidently report that the box is too small for Cowardly Boy Cat to lay down in.

But that never stopped him before and its not stopping him now.


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What a wonderful Valentine package. Something for everyone. And so much thanks for nudging me to buy more yarn. I really needed that tiny push. snarc.
BTW, how did Mom like her double sided hearts?


Hi Jenn, the link to knitpicks in the post is going to a “page not found” webpage.


Agreed with hubby to do a yarn diet 🙁 but he didn’t say anything about needles – I am intrigued do you like the interchangeable ones better than those which are not??


In a funny coincidence, my new needles came in on Saturday. I’m trying out their square needles, & it seemed silly to get just one set of tips. Plus it’s more cost effective to buy the set. Right? & the cool Knit picks mug was clearanced, so that was a bargain,too.
A knitting friend gave me quite a bit of yarn recently, so I was able to resist (this time)


Frowning cause I can’t buy any yarn until my dogs get their teeth cleaned and anything else the dog dentist suggests. But next time I order yarn, I think I will check out the Galilio yarns out. They really look nice in the photos you posted. Thank you Jenn for your commentary on this product. I trust your post and love knit picks products. Never been disappointed yet.