Drive-By Post: the satisfaction of liking what I knit


No post today! No real post, at any rate. I just want to toss up a quick picture of my current main. I wanted to show her off a bit because I’m really liking her. We had a rocky start but now I’m satisfied. I think I can make this relationship work.

If you’re one of the readers who liked the earlier version of this shawl better, sorry. Its not personal and I don’t mean to be a stubborn, opinionated broad who can’t take advice. But I am, lol. I like this version better.




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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

8 Comments on "Drive-By Post: the satisfaction of liking what I knit"

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Love the intricate bit at the junction of the two colors!

Sally V.

So how are you getting that middle? I like it a lot.


I like it! This should turn out to be very interesting.
But, I do think you are a big tease.


Waiting patiently to see finished project. But really would like to see a shawl with a design like your first post with the three test knits. I was enamored with the first example photo. But in saying that, I’m not against seeing the outcome of the above. I’m truly fascinated by your thought and creative process. Have a nice day Jenn. 🙂