Spinning in Cowgirl Boots

Every now and then I like to spin some tales along with my yarn. So please, pull up a chair and maybe a glass of iced tea and join me as I handspin yarn and tell a few stories.

Spinning in Cowgirl Boots

The Tale of Arachne

The Tale of The Three Spinners

A History of Red Dye

Homespuns and the American Revolution

The Wild Swans

Spindle, Shuttle and Needle

A History of Sheep

Ned Ludd and the Luddites

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Mythic Crafters with the Power of Life and Death

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Pat Stuart

I was looking up old crochet terms and saw “Spinning in Cowgirl Boots”, which intrigued me. LOVED your stories! I live in cowboy country (here we call them paniola) but here we spin barefoot. I live on the island of Hawaii. And I did find the term I was looking for. Thanks.