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Every Thursday I write about stuff I like. Its usually yarn related stuff. Not always. Here is my dumping ground for all the Thursday Weekly Rec posts!

03/19/15 – The Sanna Shawl, an amazing free pattern by Christa Becker
03/26/15 – Using Sherwin-Willams Chip It! to pick colors
04/02/15 – A Book and A Brush!
04/09/15 – Never buying this yarn again, the Anti-Rec Thursday
04/16/15 – Historical Fiction by Georgette Heyer
04/23/15 – Make Handknits for Crocheters
04/30/15 – Three Designers that Give it All Away
05/14/15 -Elizabeth Zimmermann, a Knitting Mentor
05/28/15 – Patterns that Teach
06/04/15 – Some of my Favorite Yarns
06/11/15 – Barbara G. Walker, knitter and so much more
06/18/2015 – Mackerel Should Come with a Warning Label
06/25/2015 – Online Stitch Libraries
07/02/2015- Keeping Bugs Out of Your Stash
07/09/15 – Handi Tools are Pretty Handy
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Cynthia Patton

I loved the Sonna Shawl….such beauty that would probably take me years to finish but it is big enough to hide the flaws that make it unique. I have given my Daughter your address (Jenn) to see whatcha got. She is Crafty also…but may not have the time as her job keeps her very busy.


Great! Always happy to have another Roving Crafter!