Stuff I Found in my Yarn Stash


Is it possible to have too many knitting accessories?

Just a little while ago I went looking for my 40-inch size 8 circulars. I knew the last time I’d used them was on a worsted weight wrap that I started but didn’t really like, and so gave up on. I figured the needles would be in the project bag with the yarn of the wrap-that-wasn’t.

They were not.

In searching project bags I found all this instead:

Those are size 4 double points. I knew they were missing. I didn’t really care. I had nineteen more size 4 double points so when some went on walk-about, tracking them down was a low priority. Now I have twenty-three. I realize no one actually needs that many but I’m keeping them. All of them.

The cable needle mattered to me even less. I didn’t know it was missing it. I wasn’t excited to find it. I don’t particularly like this kind of cable needle and I prefer the ones shaped like fishing hooks. Does that mean I’ll toss this one? Of course not!

The little crochet-hook thingy is a Susan Bates Silvalume Handi Tool and that was a real find. If I had known my stash was hiding that, I would have dived into it sooner. I remember when I lost this little guy.  I bought two new ones to replace it. It’s an invaluable fix-it tool for when knit stitches misbehave and need correcting. I HAVE to have one at all times. Which is why I bought two. I figured I’d have a back up for when I (inevitably) lost another one. Well I never did. Now I have three. HA!

I might have too many knitting accessories but I’m keeping them. All of them. Maybe I’ll end up on an episode of Hoarders one day.

Oh. I found those 40-inch size 8 circulars. The were, ahem, in my needle organizer right where they should be. Right there with my two other size 8 circular needles and my three sets of size 8 straight needles.

I’m definitely ending up on an episode of Hoarders aren’t I?

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I believe that your needle organizer disqualifies you.


From being on Hoarders? Well then I’m safe because I have two! Yep, lol, I have 2 needle organizers.