Thursday Poll – How Good is Your Ravelry?


This post is inspired by the many, many times I have exposed myself as a hapless dweeb who downloads patterns just to read them. For fun.

 A Challenge!

Can you identify the pattern from just a picture? Names and links are included at the end and no cheating. I’m watching you.








  1. An Elise Shawl (made by EvanP)
  2. A Color Affection (made by Bling4you)
  3. February Lady Sweater (made by fiberitis)
  4. A Skull Shawl (made by stitcheanne)
  5. A Turn a Square (made by BearPawStudio)
  6. Tiramisu Baby Blanket (made by retrogirlcreative)
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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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