Spinning in Circles

Handspinning yarn as self-therapy

You know that day you have when nothing is going your way? Of course you do. If you’ve reached the age of fourteen you’ve had that day.

I’m having that day.

I’ve had that day a few days in a row.

Nothing monstrously bad has happened (and I need to remember to be grateful for that) but nothing much good has happened either.

Its started out with a case of heartburn so bad that I ended up with palpitations. My heartburn only got that bad because when I get heartburn I don’t feel it, there is never any pain, and I need to remember to be grateful for that. So I reached for some acid remedy I keep around but found that it was two years out of date. I don’t get heartburn very often and I need to remember to be grateful for that. So I downed three cups of peppermint tea to settle my tummy and went to the store for some new Zantac. I had to use their restroom while I was there because that’s what happens when you drink three quick cups of tea. The restroom was very gross but at least it was still for women only (here is the post where I express my dislike of gender neutral bathrooms) and I need to remember to be grateful for that. I got home, took a Zantac, and started burping. There was lots and lots of burps and I was grateful for every single one.

The next day was a no-coffee day because I had to give my tummy a break from coffee. Obviously. A no-coffee day makes me slow and stupid and klutzy and that really sucks and I can’t scrape up any gratitude for a no-coffee day.

Also while standing in my walk-in closet trying to decide what to wear the bulb went out leaving me to pick out clothes in near total darkness. I’m not grateful for that.

That same morning my internet router died. It just stopped working, kind of like the closet light bulb. Even though they replace it for free, no questions asked, I’m not grateful for my new internet router. Not really.

All of this resulted in days of knitting, hating what I knitted, and ripping back. I have a fingerless mitt went through three different versions of itself and has now reverted back to its base state as a cake of yarn. Guess what? I’m not grateful for that either.

What can I do that will make me feel better? Besides taking a Zantac and burping? Spin some yarn. Spinning always makes me feel better.  How do other people get past their no-good-totally-sucky days without spinning? I have no freaking idea.

Spinning yarn is my therapy. Its relaxing. It gives me something to do with my hands while freeing my mind. Its being productive without expending much effort. And it gets me new yarn.

You should spin. It takes a while to get good enough at spinning to enjoy it as a past time. But once you do, you’ll love it. You’ll need it. Spinning is so relaxing that people just watching me spin relax. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been told : “its like watching a campfire”. You know what is even more soothing than watching someone spin?


If you have a spindle or a wheel then you’re all set. If you don’t, you need to get one (or both) of those things and give spinning a try. I say that because here you are reading a yarn blog. You too must share an appreciation for pretty yarn. If you spun you could make your own pretty yarn while chasing away those no-good-totally-sucky days. And afterwards you would have something to be actually, truly (not just faking it) be grateful for: a day of making pretty yarn.

Here is how that day goes:

roving for handspinning and one spoiled cat

I feel better already.

Keep it coming.

handspinnig yarn as self-therapy


handspining as self-therapy

I see possibilities.

Options in plying handspun yarn

… ahhh …

handspun yarn as self-therapy


I feel better. And I’ve stopped burping. And I drank a cup of coffee. And I may try those fingerless mitts again. And I’m grateful.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Waaa ha ha ha ha!!! Tell it like it IS Jenn !! This is the time of year for people to have lots of those kind of days. Not enough sunshine, and other things that we all miss. Thanks for giving us all a little chuckle. Yep… I could sit and watch you spin for days and days. I hope you are feeling much better now. Hugs to you !


I was going to say that just watching you spin relaxes me, but you beat me to it, lol. I do agree that spinning is (mostly) relaxing and I don’t know how other knitters/crocheters can withstand its beckoning ways. BTW, do you recall the name/source of the pastel fiber in this post? It is so very charming. I hope you feel better soon.


Feel better! I’ve been going through cramping/Braxton Hicks/ Real contractions (maybe?) since about 6 last night on and off randomly, so I totally get not feeling well. Love the yarn, and I wish I was better at spinning, maybe I should get out my roving and drop spindle when I feel better. For now, working on a beaded shawl!


I had to learn to spin because of a man I saw at a fiber show, Rhinebeck to be specific. Amidst all the crowds and noise and overload of way too many women trying to fondle fiber, sat this man quietly spinning. You could just see the word “zen” over his head. I wanted that. Now I have it. Thank the stars for spinning! And thank you, Jenn, because I learned mostly by watching you spin in cowgirl boots. Glad you’re feeling better. Life without coffee is such a bummer.


I’ve been having a bad few days too. And I don’t spin or even know anyone ( besides you) who does. So what did I do? Gardening. I can’t call it yard work cuz it isn’t work to me. It is what I do when I should be doing something else. Like house cleaning. Pouring water on the ground relaxes me.The best was when I lived in New Mexico. All that hot sand smells like heaven when the water hits it. Just like rain.
Hope you feel better. You are stronger than me. I’ll drink coffee if it kills me.