Its Good to Be a Knitter


Justa  quick post for now but I hope to have more up later. Its a cold, miserable, windy day and its good to be a knitter.

I’m at Mom’s and the temperatures has dropped quite a bit. Its in the thirties I think. The winds have picked up, also in the 30’s (miles per hours that is). Even so, the Great Beast Barbarian Princess Dog must be walked. She has to be walked even on yucky weather days. No scratch that. On yucky days is when she needs her walk the most.

So for today’s three-mile trek there will be lots a warm woolies on heads, hands and feet.


Hope you’re staying warm! Stay in and drink an extra cup of coffee and think of me.


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I lived at The NTC / NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER in the High Mohave Desert for three years. It does get cold!!!! Keep enjoying your visit!


And did they issue you warm woolies at the NTC? Or did you have to make your own?

Either way I’m not into toughing out the cold. No way. I need my warm stuffs.


No Jenn,
It was the Hot Deserts of California, no gear issued. I did get loads of warm gear for my three year tour/assignment while at Fairbanks, Alaska! Fairbanks gave cold a whole new meaning to the one I knew growing up in Iowa!!!!!! ♡


How blessed your Mom is to have this Beast. She will not have to worry about becoing sedentary
Enjoy your visit and stay warm. .