More Free For A Limited Time Patterns for Knitters and Crocheters

Seven knit and crochet patterns that are free for a limited time only

I keep an eye out for patterns that authors make free for just a short while. They are out there and its a great way to score beautiful patterns, find new and talented designers and…errr…. fill up my pattern library with a stupidly large number of things I want but will never have time to make.

Also, I like to share. I usually have a link to a free for a limited time pattern in the left side menu. (If you are on a mobile device, this page shifts around some. I think, on mobile browsers, side menus can be found below this post. Just scroll down.) Its a regular feature. But this week I have far too many limited-time-freebies to cram into a side menu. They need their own post.

Have Some Free For A Limited Time Patterns!

Hue Shift Afghan from Knit Picks

The team at Knit Picks has put together a simple but stunning miter square blanket. Its the perfect sort of pattern for a yarn company… one that requires you to buy a color kit! But the pattern is free for this week only (the promotion expires October 15th, 2015.) Actually the total cost for a kit to make this blanket is less than $30. I’m not an affiliate of Knit Picks (so I don’t get a commission off any sales) but this pattern and this deal has me thinking that maybe I should be! Love that afghan.

Canicule Mitts by Mer Almagro

These romantic fingerless gloves are made with half a ball (130 yds) of DK weight yarn. So make two pairs! They are only available in one size and that is a mark against them. But (!!) if you need bigger mitts than you could always use thicker yarn. Plus, the pattern is free for knitters in the know. While it may list a price of $4.50, if you “purchase” this pattern before October 15, 2015, it will automatically apply a coupon code and switch to free.

 Mistletoe by Happy Patty Crochet

Yep, that’s crochet. Happy Patty specializes in designing flowers and plants in crochet that are so realistic that you have to look twice to be sure. Mistletoe is her latest design and a gentle reminder to all that the holidays are bearing down on us. Her pattern is free until October 15, 2015.

Lucky Coin Bag by Iglinz Crafts

Lucky Coin Bag is a quick knit, requiring about 100 yds of fingering weight yarn in two colors. Its worked in the round, as all good stranded knit color work should be (lol). Its free… but I’m not sure for how long. The pattern author states that

I am working on variations of the purse. For the time that it takes this pattern will be free.

Who knows how long that will be! If you like it, better grab it.

While I’m sharing, I have three more patterns that are free at this very moment, but might not be in the near future. Honestly, I’m not sure. So I’m including them in this post. I made sure to grab my copy and I figured you’d want to as well.

Liquid Silver Shawl by Romi Hill

This pattern has been out for years and its always be a freebie, and a very gorgeous one at that. But I noticed Elann has placed it on their “free for only the month of October” list. Hmmm. Maybe it will soon become a pay-for pattern.

Its made with 4 balls of Silken Kydd and nearly 1500 (optional) seed beads. Its a stole, aka rectangular wrap, and I do like that shape.

Telšiai Mittens by Donna Druchunas

These mittens are part of Donna’s Lithuanian collection. They apparently should have been included in her ebook Lithuanian Knitting Continuing Traditions but that somehow didn’t happen. It make up for it she has offered this single pattern for free with the coupon code: BuyTheBook. I’m not sure how long this promotion will last but its working as of right now.

Butterfly Shawl by Kristi Zemas

The Butterfly Shawl makes use of (with permission) Margaret Hubert’s Edwardian Swirl and will be the subject of a Crochet-A-Long which starts October 17th. Many times, a pattern in an “a-long” is free for the duration of the event and then becomes a paid-for pattern. Its not clear if that will happen in this case but just to sure I’m including it on this list. Its a lovely shawl and I’m sure all you hookers will want it. That center swirl design alone makes it worth a download.

And now you have seven new projects to add to your que right? Right. If you are addicted to free patterns (like me) come back often. I almost always have a link up to free for a limited time pattern. You wouldn’t want to miss one.


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Thanks! I love free stuff. I’ll have to leave the opening pics of the afghan on the screen for a while. See if someone gets the hint!

I am going to have to give the mistletoe a try though it does look a little tedious. At least it won’t poison my furry babies. Thank you for sharing the freebies. Now I need to share a bit. My family doesn’t understand my excitement but I think you will. I downloaded the crochet sock pattern you suggested. Didn’t have any sock yarn but I found some DK (I think) in my gift stash so I decided to play before I made an investment.. The heel construction of socks has always intimidated me and kept me from even starting. Even… Read more »

This is sooo great! I love that you have a new skill! Thanks for sharing your triumph!
Go Linda!


I am digging the fingerless gloves and I have some DK weight yarn that is in my stash.

Judy Lyons Carneiro

I tried downloading the free pattern for those romantic canucule fingerless gloves and it was said it would automatically apply the coupon when checking out. Well it didn’t and I missed out on that pattern. 🙁 Oh well, plenty more to choose from I guess