You don’t get to see the yarn today

Feline Overlord and handknits

Food Woman has a few yarn things she wants to show you. She’ll thinks you’ll like them. She’s may be right about that. But you don’t get to see them.

Because I say so. That’s why.


Project #1 – spinning up the 100% roving

I’m the boss around here. I say when, and even if, any spinning gets done. And today, its not allowed. Today I get to try out the the 100% silk hand painted roving.

Feline Overlord licks the silk handpainted roving

Not sure what the big deal is about this stuff. It doesn’t taste good at all.


Project #2 – a new scarf in Gina

Feline Overlord sits on the knitting. Again.

But this project is nice. I have to say, that’s a comfy piece of knitting.

Feline Overlord sits on the knitting. Again.

I’ll be happy when this one gets bigger. But don’t make it so big that Boy Cat can lay on it with me. Its just needs to be my size.


Project # 3 – A Pie Are Square Shawl in a two-ply handspun

Oh here we go. This is from handspun alpaca. I like alpaca.

Feline Overlord and handknit alpaca

A lot.

Feline Overlord and handknit alpaca

A lot a lot.

Feline Overlord on the handknit alpaca

Think I’ll take my nap right here. Come back later. You can see the yarn then.





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20 Comments on "You don’t get to see the yarn today"

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I think Feline Overlord should get whatever she wants. Always.


My chihuahua would always do the same thing… many projects were put to the side because he claimed them to lay on and would not move!!! Fur babies always win out!!! 🙂

Cindy C

I love it!


i enjoy the Feline Overlord’s posts as much or more than seeing the yarn. seeing the yarn makes me want the yarn and i can’t afford it so i get sad. Feline Overlord just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and happy. love you kitty !!!!!


She is just precious! Of course cats rule… just ask them. Give her a good tummy rub snd some extra catnip for me. I lost one of my precious fur babies last week and I’m still grieving.