Scads of Yarn And Too Many Distractions

When you have scads of yarn and too many distractions

So I was on the Hue Shift Afghan adventure. I got distracted. That’s been happening. Its an easy knit and its colorful and I’m moving along on it. But things keep happening that distract me. Things like work and very bad cats. And things like this:

The solid colorways of Noti Yarns

Admit it. That would distract anybody.

My closest friend has (finally) started her indie handdyed yarn business. It took her forever to get things together and turn her hobby into a company. Which is a real shame since she can make yarn like this! But she has distractions of her own, like a full time job and family to take care off. The company got named Noti Yarn and there is a half-functional website that is taking forever to get itself together. My friend’s sister is responsible for developing the company website and guess what? She has a very distracting full time job and a family too.

There are just too many distractions I tell ya.

But Noti Yarn (ie. my very distracted friend because she is the only employee of that company) has her first trunk show at The Sated Sheep this weekend.* Its a big accomplishment and its been a long time coming. While getting everything ready she asked “Could you take all of my solid colorways and knit up a little sample for me before my show?”

Ummmm… yes. It will be a terrible hardship but I will take all this gorgeous yarn off your hands and see if I can do something with it.

Something like this!

knitted pinwheel made with Noti Yarn

I’m making a pinwheel with all the colors. Pinwheels are fiddly especially at the very start but after that they get easier. And they do a bang up job showing off rings of color. Mine is coming along nicely but… I got distracted from it.


You see I already know what I want to make from the rest of the purple and green. I want a pair of fingerless mitts. So as soon as I finished up the purple in that pinwheel, I cut the yarn, got out another set of needles, and started some mitts.

Then I went back to the pinwheel, but only to get through the green section. Needed that part done so I could started putting the green into my new mitt.

WIP fingerless mitts

Its not very far along. I’m only an inch or so into the colorwork section and I have to put the mitt down and finish that pinwheel. That’s okay. I only needed to start the colorwork to see how it looked. I can go back and finish the pinwheel now.

Maybe. Probably. But you see I aslo acquired this little ball of green distraction last week.

Chroma fingering weight from Knit picks
Chroma in fingering weight; 70% Wool, 30% Nylon, 396 yd, 100g reg: $9.99


Its also fingering weight and also destined to be fingerless mitts. I guess I have those on the brain. After days and days of arguing with myself about how that Chroma Fingering should be knit up, I had a brainstorm and wrote a whole pattern in one sitting. Those mitts are all done and they look great… in my head. I just have to get out another set of size 2 needles and cast on.

I’m resisting that urge. For now.


* If you’re in the area, the Central Texas area, you should get to The Sated Sheep this Saturday. They are having a GRAND grand opening (to celebrate getting their liquor licence/sign permit/chamber of commerce membership and a zillion other annoying things business owners have to fuss with) and its going to be a party. There will be two trunk shows: Noti Yarn and Bronotta Yarns, both local indie dyers. There will be door prizes, free food, free classes, and tons of yarn on sale. I’ll be there too. The Stated Sheep has been nice enough to let me teach a few classes there in the coming month so I have to go bully everyone into signing up promote myself!


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I too have gotten distracted from my Hue Shift Afghan (which is safely nestled in my cedar trunk) by the lace shawl I restarted, and a nursing vest I have also started. I am also thinking about another nursing vest but I don’t have yarn for that one… yet.


How does a nursing vest close? I nursed both of my children and they were champs at getting to the grub. Zippers, buttons, ties…. nothing stopped them. I had to keep a close eye out when carrying they in public. A moments inattention and they had my top open.


I’m just going to use a penannular brooch to close it at the top. Nothing fancy, and if they pull it off I really don’t care. It’s more because I *never* make myself anything and in case I want a cover (I am all for not using one even in public if momma is comfortable).


Gosh! Are you ever having a bust week! How rough on poor you! All that pretty yarn, all those distractions, and a Party to top it all off!
Bless your heart.

My goodness Jenn. You sure are a busy little beaver. Aren’t you? Wish I could be at The Sated Sheep this weekend. At least Texas would be a slightly warmer place compared to the cold winter blast we are experiencing here in Kansas at the moment. i really shouldn’t complain though, since we haven’t experienced any snow storms yet this year. I’m in love with the bright colors of yarn pictured above. The colors are so bright, they practically pop off the page. And if there is one thing I enjoy as well as the act of knitting, is the… Read more »

All gorgeous stuffs. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see the purple & green mitts. One of my favorite color combos.


Ooo-bright saturated colors ???? my favorite! I’m too far away to go & see you, & that yarn in person. Which is good for my wallet, anyway. Looking forward to the patterns you’re using, too